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Best Times and Best Outdoor Activities in Vietnam to Be Suggested for Tourists

Though Vietnam was slow to develop its huge potential as an outdoor adventure destination, things have really changed in the last few years. Apart from trekking in the mountainous north, visitors can now also go rock–climbing, canyoning, sea kayaking or kitesurfing, among other activities, making outdoor activities in Vietnam awesome than ever.

Vietnam Adventure Tours to Be Spent on Top Festivals for Tourists

Festivals in Vietnam offer visitors the best opportunity for getting up close and personal with the myths, customs and fun-loving spirit of this proud nation. There are also plenty of cultural events that are only celebrated during certain times of the year (or years), so you’ll never know when one decides to pop up during Vietnam adventure tours.

Best Vietnam Travel Guides for a Trip to Dien Bien

Dien Bien is a border mountainous province in the northwestern region, which is 500km from Hanoi capital; Lai Chau province is bordered to the north, Son La province to the east and northeast, Yunnan province of China to the northwest; and Laos to the west and southwest. Coming to Dien Bien is coming to nature, visiting a historical place with proud victory in the Vietnam War. This article is going to mention top best Vietnam travel guides when visiting Dien Bien for all tourists.

Top Six Reasons for Having an Attractive Active Travel Vietnam

According to the website Lifehack (a famous website which often gives out some comments, suggestions to help people improve their life standard): “Vietnam is the country to bring to you unforgettable experiences. It is where you can look for relaxing holidays on the beach, or interesting outdoor exploring activities.” Indeed, coming to an active travel Vietnam, you will definitely love its sights, people and peace, which is proved clearly by the following particular reasons.

Best Beaches for Your Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam Adventure Tours

Across South East Asia mainland, there is a variety of exotic beaches for an enjoyable summer vacation. Here are some of the best choices if you are taking Myanmar, Thailand or Vietnam adventure tours.

A Soldier Returns.. as a Tourist Da Nang, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Posted by Alan Buckelew
October 19, 2010
Until a few years ago if someone had asked me to make a bucket list of countries to visit, Vietnam would have been at or near the bottom.

Top 10 Toughest Bike Rides

Ho Chi Minh to  Hanoi, Vietnam: The bike trip begins from lush plain of Mekong Delta, winding through stunning mountains around Da Lat, with hard climb through the Hai Van pass, then reaching Northern mountainous provinces. Besides absolutely abrupt routes, the searing tropical heat will make cyclists drop back into state of endless water refill. 

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA recommends for customers when riding in Vietnam

Vietnam is a frontier destination and a motorbike ride on a motorcycle through its rugged mountains is an unparalleled adventure. Be amongst the first to explore a land steeped in natural beauty and rich cultural heritage and experience face-to-the-wind just what this wonderful country has to offer.

My Son Holy Land - Motorcycle Touring

I and Hai, my motorbike guide set out for My Son Holy Land, a UNESCO site, and the central highlands ofVietnam to view some gorgeous scenery along the Ho Chi Minh trail, meet some local farmers from one of Vietnam’s many minority ethnic groups, and learn a little about traditional farming and food preparation.

Riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail... and off the beaten tourist track

Riding the Ho Chi Minh Highway on 2 wheels is an excellent way to get off the tourist trail… and the bus. Two bikes, three riders, 800 km, and four days: we made our way from Hoi An to Nha Trang through the scenic Central Highlands.

Taking it easy motorcycling on the historic Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam

Motorcycle adventures are gaining popularity among young, adventurou Vietnamese and foreign travellers.
No stops, no fixed schedules, just jumping on the bike and going- these arejust some of the reasons why people are opting for motorcycle travel,  especially motorcycling on Ho Chi Minh trail, over traditional train and bus journeys.

ATA Promotes Motorcycle Tours for American Veterans travel to Vietnam war in the past

With 11-day motorcycling tour in Ho Chi Minh trail in total 18 day trip from Hanoi to Saigon, Active Travel Asia show the exotic land where many American soldiers lost their lives, and those who survived often lost their spirit in the past.

The Great Red Spider Vietnam Motorcycle Tour with ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA - Part 1

Series of blog entries from Burrows Red Spider group describe their great 16-day motorcycling trip inVietnam with ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA. Let’s follow their trip day by day!

Exploring the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam

These trails were originally developed during the resistance movement against the French and were used to move troops and supplies during both conflicts.

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA hosts a group of Burrows Red Spider Travel Vietnam in Jan 2010

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA (ATA) will host a group of Burrows Red Spider to take the motorcycle trip in Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam. This trip will start from Hanoi and finish in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in Jan 31, 2010.

The Great Red Spider Vietnam Motorcycle Tour with ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA - Part 3

Coming to the last part of Spider Group’s story, let’s discovery the fascinating scenery with the wide open feeling when they were riding and other 2-day relaxing in Ho Chi Minh city before they came back home.

Special Vietnam Motorcycle Tours with Taste of the Ho Chi Minh Trail 2010

This trip offers a stunning motorcycling route with great exploration of nature and culture of northernVietnam. The trip is organized for first time riders and easy adventure travelers.

The Great Red Spider Vietnam Motorcycle Tour with ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA - Part 2

Continue with Red Spider Group motorcycling 16-day in Vietnam. This entry told their days in the centre and centre highland of Vietnam. Let check it out!

Active Travel Asia Promotes Vietnam Motorcycle tours in the Ho Chi Minh Trail

With 11-day motorcycling tour in Ho Chi Minh trail in total 18 day trip from Hanoi to Saigon, this motorcycling grading of tour is considered as Moderate to challenging by Active Travel Asia

Buying a touring motorbike in Vietnam - Vietnam Motorcycling Travel Guide

By far, the best way to experience Vietnam is by motorbike. As with elsewhere in southeast Asia, here, the motorbike is king. They are cheap to buy, easy to repair, and they can take you places the tour bus would never dare to go.

Riding Motorcycle on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam

An eleven-person, a 18-day trip with 11 -day motorcycle trip through Vietnam during the hottest part of the year may sound like an endurance test to some, but for John Kerry, vice president of Motorcycle Travel Club in USA. It’s a vacation.

Legend of the Ho Chi Minh trail

Well here I sit in Laos again, I have been putting around the place on and off for 10 years now. Mostly traveling by motorcycle, no surprise there. However I am now into offroading. This little hobby started around 1999 when I took my first backpacking trip after 15 years sailing around the globe on my sailboat Espritdemer. This land trip took in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. 

Ho Chi Minh trail article

Ho Chi Minh Trail 
“You’ve got to ride a dirt bike like you’ve stolen it,”  as we accelerated through a particularly gnarly section, the wheels weaving between rocks, mud spraying up from the bike in all directions. All around us was deep Southeast Asian jungle, with no form of civilization for miles. If anything happened to us out here we were in trouble; the only thing to do was to hold on and enjoy the ride.

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA hosted Australian Motorcycle Travel group in Vietnam in Oct 2010

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA (ATA) have hosted a group of Australian Motorcyclists to take the motorcycle trip in Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam. This trip started from Hanoi and finish in Hoi An, Quang Nam province in Oct 20, 2010.

Riding Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh trail

The mountain paths of the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail offer visitors to Vietnam an adventurous alternative to the well-worn coastal route – especially if you travel on the back of a motorbike.

Ho Chi Minh Trail Vietnam, from soldier's road to tourist highway

HO CHI MINH HIGHWAY, Vietnam — If relentless American bombing didn't get him, it would take a North Vietnamese soldier as long as six months to make the grueling trek down the jungled Ho Chi Minh Trail. Today, you speed along the same route at 60 mph, past peaceful hamlets and stunning mountain scenery.

The Great Red Spider Vietnam Motorcycle Tour with ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA

Series of blog entries from Burrows Red Spider group describe their great 16-day motorcycling trip in Vietnam with ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA. Let’s follow their trip day by day!

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA (ATA) Promotes Vietnam & Cambodia Motorcycling Tours in Summer 2010

ATA promotes two motorcycling tours in Vietnam and another one in Cambodia. These blazing hot promotions guarantee more activities and bigger adventure for the same price. Travelers will get incredible driving and deep in the countryside and historical trails.

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA (ATA) launches Vietnam & Cambodia Summer Promotions

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA (ATA) is offering Great Summer Promotion 2010 in Vietnam and Cambodia. These promotions are guaranteed by luxurious adventure tours, add-on values and reasonable prices.

From the Back Seat: Memories on a Motorcycle in Vietnam

Riding a motorbike from the North to the South of Vietnam was an amazing experience. Now, while I didn’t ride the motorcycle on myself (Anthony did an amazing job!) it is still something that will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Motorbiking in Southeast Asia: two-wheeled adventures from mountain to coast

Ho Chi Minh Trails, Vietnam.To kick off, the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail has been upgraded into a major highway running along the spine of the country and offers some sublime scenery. The stretch from the old US airbase of Khe Sanh north to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a beauty.

Motorbiking Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam - an unforgettable travel adventure

The 125-cubic-centimetre engine of the scooter was screaming for forgiveness, throwing off so much heat it burned through my jeans, singeing my leg hair.

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