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Vietnam Motorbike Tours on the Legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail Getting Famous

The legendary Ho Chi Minh trail is famous as the main road linking 2 regions of Vietnam during the war time. Nowadays, it has turned into one of the striking, perhaps the most worth trying, motorbike routes in Vietnam. 7 day Vietnam motorbike tour from Hanoi is one of the best experiences which mark Vietnam motorbike tours off from others. 

Most Attractive Vietnam Motorbike Tours Tackle Ho Chi Minh Trail on a Week.

I’m sure that you will see and experience something different when you go on Vietnam motorbike tours especially tackle Ho Chi Minh trail. This motorcycle tour not only brings you wonderful and memorable experience but also help you understand more about the period of Vietnam war. Let take a glance on our enthusiastic and friendly guide below to get some important information for your trip. 

To Grab a Truly Active Travel Vietnam in Famous Northern Area

The North has been a famous paradise to active travel Vietnam lovers. This region gives you a valuable chance of challenging trekking and hiking tours. Also, if you love mountain climbing, cycling and motorbiking, the North side of Vietnam is also an ideal destination.

Take Wonderful Vietnam Motorbike Tours With Three Kinds of Motorbike

Three main options are available for you on considering choosing a motorbike for Vietnam motorbike tours. They are Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Manual. Each option bears in itself two sides (bad and good side) regarding their use. That is why it is highly recommended to think wisely before you make a decision.

Thinking of Your Style and Choose the Right Motorbike for Vietnam Adventure

There are a few rules you should apply while taking an Vietnam adventure.  For example, Being extremely reactive and able to anticipate changes are advisable in case of either a pothole on the road or a driver suddenly switching lanes without warning. However, one of the most tips that cannot be ignored is buying or renting a right motorbike (instead of ending up buying a medical insurance.)

How to enjoy Active Travel Vietnam tours With Right Motorbikes

Whether tourists who desire to buy or rent motorbikes in active travel Vietnam tours, to choose a right motorbike is a hard decision among many options and availability. Below are the details and facts that we would like to point out to help you decide what is the most suitable motorbike for you to make the most of the time in Vietnam.

Type of Motorbikes in use

ActiveTravel Asia recommend you several motors can be chosen in Vietnam motorcycling tours from basic to challenging driving grade.

Safety riding rules

Riding your bike can be a great deal of fun, and it's a brilliant way to keep fit. Nevertheless, bike riding has its hazards, especially when you're sharing the road with motorized traffic.

Vietnam war - A legendary of the Ho Chi Minh Trail

The so-called Ho Chi Minh Trail is one of the most renowned legends of the Vietnam War. So far, there have been many people outside Vietnam who have only superficial knowledge on the road system winding along the Truong Son Range, that facilitated movement of soldiers and war supplies from North Vietnam to battlefields in South Vietnam. The Trail was playing the key role in the Communist victory over South Vietnam.

6 Tips for Riding Safely A Motorbike In Vietnam

1. Forget What Road Rules You Already Know
2. Keep Up With The Flow Of Traffic
3. Have Tea Breaks
4. Get A Decent Road Map
5. Take Back Roads
6. Don’t Ride At Night For Long Periods

The Laos motorcycle diaries

Reclining Buddha at monastery in Vientiane

Landlocked Laos, fortressed by mountains and dissected by the mighty Mekong River, is best travelled by road; its dramatic routes twisting sinuously through jungle, paddy fields, mountains and karst country.


The best way to explore a country is to have your own transport. Whether it’s a car, a motorbike or a bicycle.
The price for a car (especially if it’s a 4×4 truck, with which you can go off road) can often be very costly and not affordable for a single traveller. To go by bicycle is a great way to see a country but you need time to go around. So these were the thoughts when I decided to drive around Cambodia by motorbike…

Different kinds of bike (p.5)

The track racing bike is one of the fastest bikes that you can get. Even though there is only one original track racing bike, there are a few spin-offs that are modeled off the original. 

Different kinds of bike (p.4)

If you don’t like to ride on streets and sidewalks, but love to have bike races on dirt roads, do lots of tricks, and try some stunts, then a BMX bike is the perfect bike for you. A BMX bike looks similar to a motorcycle, but BMX bikes are made for racing, stunts and tricks; therefore, they do not have as many parts and they are very light.

Different kinds of bike (p.3)

Do you like a nice, easy ride? If you don’t like rugged trails and you’re not into racing, then this lightweight bike is perfect for you. You’ll get a smoother ride for you guys out there who aren’t serious bike riders. A hybrid is a combination of a mountain bike and a road bike. It was made for rough bike paths and for light off-road riding.

Different kinds of bike (p.2) MOUNTAIN BIKE

Have you ever wondered why people have different kinds of bikes? Why doesn’t everybody have the same bike? Well I’m going to tell you why you should get a mountain bike or a different bike depending on what’s right for you.

Different kinds of bike (p.1)

Do you like to ride fast as lightning? Are you interested in riding on streets and sidewalks but not rugged trails? Then I have the perfect bike for you – the Road Bike.

Motorcycling travel guides - Motorcycling in Vietnam

Always keep your eyes forward and slow down at every intersection. If you and another are both converging on the same spot then who ever make the first evasive move (to the left or right) is the action that both of you should then follow.

From the Back Seat: Memories On A Motorcycle

Elise's View From The Backseat
Riding a motorbike from the North to the South of Vietnam was an amazing experience. Now, while I didn’t ride the motorcycle myself (Anthony did an amazing job!) it is still something that will remain with me for the rest of my life. 

Motorcycling Northwestern Trails_ The real exploration of tribal cultures

Explore Vietnam's remote northwest - the historic battlefields of  Dien Bien Phu, the thriving hilltribe markets of Sapa and the stunning mountain scenery of Son La and Lai Chau.


Motorbike is the most popular in Southeast Asia, and also the best mean of transport for travelling. On it, you will be free and easily stop for shooting and discovery. Specially, a motorbike will make you become more familiar to locals as that you travel like them.
For the purpose of understanding most authentic corners in Southeast Asia, let try these amazing routes.

Ho Chi Minh Trail

The Ho Chi Minh Trail was a network of roads built from NorthVietnam to South Vietnam through the neighboring countries of Laos and Cambodia, to provide logistical support to the Vietcong and the North Vietnamese Army during the Vietnam War. It was a combination of truck routes and paths for foot and bicycle traffic. The trail was actually a 16,000-kilometer (9,940-mile) web of tracks, roads and waterways.

Cycle Asia: The Hills of Vietnam from Dalat to Nha Trang

After cycling, sweating, and occasionally slogging through over 1,600km of SE Asian roads, we’ve experienced more than a few epic rides. While consistently beautiful beaches, the stunning temples at Angkor, and a myriad of rural towns that we’ve cycled through were all certainly impressive and scenic, it’s the challenging hill-climbs that remain the most memorable.

Motorcycling travel guide

Always keep your eyes forward and slow down at every intersection. If you and another are both converging on the same spot then who ever make the first evasive move (to the left or right) is the action that both of you should then follow.

Motorcycling in Vietnam

ATA Summer Promotion 2013
Vietnam is probably not the place to learn how to ride a motorcycle. The streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are astonishingly crowded with bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, cyclos, huge, grumbling trucks, and thousands of pedestrians, each of whom operates under different and mutually aggressive rules of the road. 

Different kinds of bike

There are many kinds of bike for bikers to choose. Therefore, bikers should know thoroughly the need by themselves before having a choice.

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