Different kinds of bike (p.5)

Frame: The frame on this bike is very lightweight so the bicycle can go as fast as possible.
Gears: This bike has one fixed gear. Their racers or riders do not have to change gears at all so they can go as fast as possible.
Tires: The tires on the track racing bike are amazing. They can be pumped up to 240 pounds per square inch. The tires have a whole lot of traction so they can grip onto the track.
Brakes: The track racing bike has absolutely no brakes. To make the bike as fast as possible, it has to be lightweight. Therefore you eliminate the brakes because the racers never have to use them. After the race they just keep going until they slow down enough to get off.
Wheels: The wheels on this bike are different from most other bikes. When the wheels turn the pedals do to so there is no coasting. The wheels are made a metal alloy so they are as light as possible.
Handle bars: The handlebars on racing bikes are very low so the rider can lean down and increase aerodynamics.
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