Different kinds of bike (p.3)

Frame: The frame is made of lightweight steel and aluminum. It was made for comfortable upright riding.
Gears: The hybrid has a fair amount of gears, because it is a combination. It has no ultra low gears like the mountain bike because you are not supposed to ride it on heavy, rugged terrain.
Tires: The hybrid has fairly big tires, bigger than most mountain bikes. The tires are pumped as much as they can and are definitely high pressure.
Brakes: The brakes on this bike are very sensitive and efficient. You can stop all of a sudden and not skid very much.
Wheels: The wheels on hybrids are thick. They are like mountain bike wheels, yet light, like a road bike.
Handle bars: The handlebars on hybrids are very upright which is very similar to the frame. The handlebars also have great traction and grip.
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